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We will publish a regular Newsletter here on our website to keep you up-dated with developments in our veterinary practice and other news and features that we feel might benefit you.

Do please come back to this page to receive an up-date on what's going on.


News Item 1 - Our Practice Online

In keeping with the huge growth in the internet and the number of people online (33 million people in the UK, would you believe it!), we are delighted to have launched our practice website.

This site is designed for new and existing customers alike and provides a wealth of information about the veterinary practice and pet healthcare in general.

We encourage you to use the website as a source of information as it will be updated regularly to ensure that the latest contact details, opening hours and information on our services are always at your fingertips.


Breaking News

New kennels being installed - this is a four phase project so we can continue to function so will take some time, but the process is already underway.  Please forgive the noise and disruption.


The new floor has now been laid in the waiting room, we hope it meets with general approval.  It is a high grade non-slip flooring for use in medical environments and hopefully will be long lasting (Leslie is still recovering from the cost!).


Pet News


Kidney Disease in the New Forest/Alabama Rot

Reports of acute kidney injury from the New Forest continue to circulate (11 confirmed cases nationwide this winter). There is no evidence that there is a larger problem.  There does seem to be a small increase in cases  but the only link seems to be a surface wound on the face or limbs and these cases all seem to predominate in the wetter months of the year.  No infectious agent or toxin has yet been found and at present much of what has been said and written has been speculation.  Our advice is to remain alert to your pets' health and ensure they don't ingest anything whilst on walks and if you are concerned call the surgery.  (Our thanks to David Walker at AndersonMoores Veterinary Specialists for his continued work on this distressing disease).


It is now a lagal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped

Microhipping is pretty routine for us but we understand that it's a bit scary for you as an owner but it will become compulsory by April 2016.  It involves the placement of a tiny glass bead under the skin over the shoulders.  The vast majority of dogs have very little reaction to the procedure, occasionally we get a little bleeding and some do have a cry but it is extremely rare for it to be more than a whimper.


We offer a full Passport Service. Please get in touch on 02380 252543 for more details and an appointment with one of our OV's (Official Veterinarian).

New Toys

We have recently invested in a new remote blood pressure monitor for both practices. These machines are connected to you pet and then automatically take the readings.  They will allow us to take multiple readings with minimal handling of the animal, so we should get the most accurate blood pressure reading possible under clinic conditions whilst causing minimal stress on your pet. This is particularly relevant to nervous cats.

We are really pleased with the results so far. We feel we are getting accurate measurements for almost all patients with little stress on patient or surgeon.  We are using it for routine checks, ongoing monitoring and during some higher risk surgeries.




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